Bikini sugaring in Richmond Hill

Sugaring is an epilation technique that is performed by using a special sugar paste. It does not provoke skin redness, follicular inflammation and ingrown hairs. Thanks to the gentle approach, sugaring is especially popular to perform for such sensitive areas as the bikini.

Sugaring hair removal is a less painful procedure if you compare it to waxing. Paste temperature (about 37 °C) and a smaller area of the application make the bikini sugaring almost painless. The effect lasts 2-4 weeks, and the price for one session is only $20. We are located near to you in Richmond Hill, north of Toronto.

Bikini sugaring hair removal in «Brazilian by Brazilian»

We use professional products for the best bikini sugaring, which allows you to achieve excellent results. But also we need preparation from your side. To make the procedure 100% effective, your hair on the bikini area should be at least 5 millimetres long. Also, read contraindications at the end of this page to be sure that you’ll have the best experience after sugaring.

FAQ about bikini sugaring

t is not recommended to make Brazilian sugaring at home. Due to the deep bikini area’s inaccessibility, the procedure will take too long, significantly increasing the pain sensations. A burn of the external genital organs’ delicate skin is another adverse consequence of sugaring at home. We offer affordable prices that will allow you to carry out the procedure without harming your budget regularly.

Sugaring hair removal has many advantages over waxing:

  • Hot wax depilation has a chance to burn the skin.
  • Many complain that after waxing, they face the problem of ingrown hairs.
  • After waxing, the remaining wax could only be removed with oil. Otherwise, you have a big chance of sticking to your underwear.
  • While waxing, the hairs are removed immediately from a large surface of the skin, which causes quite intense painful sensations.

We recommend you to follow the next standard rules after the procedure:

  • Don’t take sunbaths and don’t visit the sauna on the first day after the sugaring;
  • Carefully disinfect the skin, especially after wearing skinny underwear;
  • Don’t use alcohol-containing products for your skin;
  • Regularly make scrubbing and peeling procedures;
  • And the most important — forget about the razor.

Here is the list of the most critical contraindications that you should check before getting a service:

  • Open wounds, cracks, abrasions on the Brazilian area.
  • Infectious and skin diseases in the Brazilian area.
  • Moles — only the skin around the mole could be sugared.
  • Presence of oncological diseases in the Brazilian area.
  • Allergy to the components used during sugaring.

If you have any questions about whether sugaring services are safe for you, please consult your doctor.

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